Anne Armstrong unofficially joined the Growing in Grace Ministry (GGM) family in December of 2010 after receiving her first SOZO there.  Anne was referred to GGM by a former ministry team member after sharing her heart and struggles about feeling “stuck” in certain areas of her life.

Even before finding healing for herself at GGM, Anne had said that she knew, deep-down, that God would have her serving in a healing ministry of some capacity, at some point.  After only one SOZO, Anne realized the impact this life-changing encounter with the Lord had on her.  Knowing this ministry had “the missing link” for many of her questions in life, Anne has spent the last several years then telling everyone she knows about GGM and the potential for others to find freedom in Jesus through receiving ministry there.  One of her greatest desires is for others to experience God in a way that maybe they haven’t before and gain inner freedom to walk in His abundance and joy every day.

In the Fall of 2016, Vinn Dean, Executive Director of Growing in Grace Prayer Ministry, reached out to Anne and asked if she was ready to join the team.  Anne answered with a resounding “yes!” and has been serving in this way ever since.  Anne is amazed at the ways God continues to prove Himself, and His love, as he continues to minister to even her each time she sits in another person’s SOZO session.  “I’m so proud of the people that say ‘yes’ to God and choose this stream of healing for themselves on their quest for inner freedom,” Anne says.

Outside of GGM, Anne has been a Realtime Closed Captioner since 2005.  She works from home doing live captioning for the hearing impaired (including, but not limited to) on TV and in classrooms, meetings, teleconferences, webcasts, webinars, hospitals, financial calls, graduation ceremonies, churches and more!

Anne and her husband, Justin, have been married since 2011.  They have three dogs, two cats, two donkeys, and two mini horses with a baby mini horse on the way.

Napping is Anne’s first-favorite hobby, when she finds time to do it.  She spends a lot of her free time in the field with the animals, running with the dogs, eating out with Justin and their friends, and as of recently, kayaking on Sundays has become a regular thing for them.

Anyone that knows Anne knows her favorite food is ice cream.  Her motto, “I eat ice cream, therefore I run.” 😉