Before coming to Growing in Grace, my life was a mess.

I was in pain, I was angry, I was confused and I only knew God through religion’s eyes.

I was raised in a very conservative and strict religion and that is how I saw God. I always felt His eyes of displeasure on me as I struggled so hard to please Him. In August of 2007 my dad passed away of colon cancer. From that time on I struggled with addictions and confusion and just walked around aimlessly trying to figure out who I was and where I belonged. I honestly felt like a homeless orphan. I finally told the Lord I was done with Him and I was going to live life however I wanted.

In November of 2012 I got a puppy, hoping that would ease my loneliness. I immediately called a dog trainer that my friend had suggested because I was determined to have a good dog. Little did I know the change that was going to take place because of that phone call.

On January 10, 2013 I walked into dog class for the orientation session and there I met the trainer, Deb Mileur. The moment I met her I knew she was different. There was a glow about her and a joy that I could not explain. As she spoke to the class that evening I knew in my heart that she had a relationship with the Lord. She had something that I wanted to have.

God was already beginning to work in my life that night. During my time in dog class Deb and I began to talk a lot after classes. I would walk with her as she swept the gym floor and we would talk about dogs and life.

On March 28, 2013 I began telling her my story. It was a story full of anger, sadness, depression and confusion. I remember she sat down on the gym stage and she began to talk to me about God. At first I didn’t want to hear what she had to say. But the more she spoke words of life to me the more my heart softened and I desperately wanted to believe that everything she was saying was true.

She told me about Growing in Grace and the Sozo and Restoration ministry there. I told her I would think about it. The very next day I looked up Growing in Grace Ministries and before I knew it I had filled out an application for both the Sozo ministry and Restoration Prayer ministry. I also made a note that Bible Study was on Tuesdays.

The very next Tuesday I showed up to Bible Study and met Vikki Waters for the first time. She was teaching a session about being created for great things. I sat in that study and my mind was blown away by what I was hearing. I didn’t know that God had created me for big things and that His plan for me was beyond what I could begin to imagine. I left Bible study that night excited about life and dreaming about what God had planned for me.

On April 10, 2013 I received my first Sozo. I met Jesus and I met Father God and my life changed completely that day. I can remember walking into the Sozo room so broken inside, but when I walked out there was joy and hope and life springing out of me.

I was a new person.

From that day I have continued walking in healing. I did a full Restoration and I have done Sozos from time to time when I get a little stuck. Papa God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are forever faithful in healing all the wounded broken places in my heart. And now I am part of the GGM team and I get to witness the Lord’s work in the lives of others as He heals their hearts. I am so incredibly grateful to Papa God for this amazing ministry and the amazing people involved there.

It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful ministry.