In the story of the two sons, we see God’s value for relationship over performance. That, of course, does not mean service to God isn’t important. Serving is part of loving. But the bottom line is this:

Our Heavenly Father does not base His love for us on what we do for Him.

He does not love us more when we perform well, and He does not love us less when we fail.

Instead, He loves us unconditionally, simply because we are His children.

As a mother, though I am imperfect, I have a deep love for my daughter that transcends logic or explanation. She is always in my heart and on my mind. She always belongs with me and is valuable to me.

This is an imperfect image of how much Father God thinks about us. We are always on His mind, not because He wants to control us but because He wants intimate relationship with us.

God is truly a prodigal Father, extravagant and reckless in His love for us.

Knowing this and allowing ourselves to receive His love is the foundation of relationship with Him. Instead of searching for significance and approval in the fields of independence and performance, may we enter our Father’s house and heart.

There we will find the healing we need, the love our hearts have longed for.

This is an excerpt from my new book Loved Like Jesus.

I wrote it because I want you to experience the deep love that your heavenly Father has for you. Living from this reality as a much loved son or daughter, you can rest in a confident connection with Him and experience abundant living and lasting freedom.

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Be blessed, my friends.

Thanking Him for you,