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Not long ago, I learned that when I was a baby, one of my primary caregivers regularly told me that my mother didn’t love me and that’s why she left me to go to work every day. Of course, when this was discovered, my parents found a new babysitter, but the invisible damage had already been done. Although I was too young to understand the words spoken over me, my little heart somehow experienced the power of the lies.

As I grew older, the fruit of this was a painful longing to be loved, which began to show up in my thoughts about myself, my expectations of those close to me, and my self-protective behavior. Deep down in my heart, I believed there was something fatally wrong with me. This lie facilitated an explosive and destructive self-hatred, as I aimlessly searched for relief and love in all the wrong places.

Even when I accepted Jesus into my life, my inner pain kept me from engaging with God’s heart from me. Though I intellectually knew He loved me, my own wounds kept me from experiencing His love in a way that would heal and transform my heart.

My story is not unique. Though the reasons behind our pain are varied, this reality is common to many Christians. Like me, they have not experienced the first love of God for them, and as a result, they do not know who they really are. Jesus told a story about a son like this—two sons in fact. Neither knew their father’s heart toward them. Though one turned to wild living and the other to performance, their need was the same: a revelation of the unconditional love of their father.

This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my new book Loved Like Jesus.

I wrote it because I want you to experience the deep love that your heavenly Father has for you. Living from this reality as a much loved son or daughter, you can rest in a confident connection with Him and experience abundant living and lasting freedom.

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Vikki Headshot 3Be blessed, my friends.

Thanking Him for you,