What is Soaking Prayer? How do you soak in His Presence? This is a time where you intentionally come to sit in the Father’s Presence with one purpose… to listen to Him. Don’t talk, pray or think. Just listen. Ask the Holy Spirit to visit with you and reveal Himself to you. You might start with ten minutes and increase from there. It’s also a time to exchange any guilt, shame, unbelief or fear for His unconditional love, joy, life and truth!

Want to try something different in your devotional time this week? Soak in His truth to renew the attitude of your mind until knowing and experiencing God’s love for you becomes a reality of your thinking. Read these passages by soaking in them and meditating on them. Rather than analyzing or thinking about the passage, simply let yourself soak in it. Allow the words to turn over in your mind and wash over your heart as you receive the Father’s love for you.

Write down what He shows, reveals and speaks to you.

  • Day One – Psalm 23
  • Day Two – Psalm 91
  • Day Three – Psalm 131; Isaiah 49:8-16
  • Day Four – Isaiah 43
  • Day Five – Hosea 11:1-4; Psalm 103:1-5
  • Day Six – Matthew 19:13-15 (picture yourself coming to Jesus as one of those little children. Crawl up on His knee and feel His touch as He lays His hand on you to love and bless you.)
  • Day Seven – Romans 8:31-39

How to develop two way dialogue with Holy Spirit (spirit to Spirit)

  1. Get in a quiet place, close your eyes and ask Holy Spirit to come and meet with you.
  2. Picture Jesus and enter into His Presence.
  3. Ask Him to speak to your heart… “Holy Spirit, would you reveal to me…”
  4. Stay focused on Him and record what you sense Him showing, revealing and speaking to you. It’s important to stay in the flow of the Spirit so resist the urge to analyze what you’re recording. Whatever comes to your mind is God speaking to you through the Holy Spirit. Receive in faith and do not doubt; for doubt will cut off the flow. After your soaking time, you can compare what you recorded to the Word of God. His personal voice to you will line up with His character, voice and nature in the written Word. Your goal is to experience His Presence and receive His lavish love for you! Hearing His voice takes practice.
  5. Practice by dialoguing these questions with Him: “Holy Spirit…”
    1. What do you want to say to me?
    2. What do I need to know right now?
    3. How do you feel about me?
    4. How do you want me to feel about myself?
    5. What memory do you want to heal?
    6. How do you see me?
    7. How do you want me to see myself?
    8. Would you reveal to me your overwhelming, unmistakable presence?

Practice, practice, practice!! This is the Key!!

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